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Through the exhibition, we work with thoughts about looking into other worlds, and the spaces in between, questioning our awareness, making visible and breaking apart different perceptions about reality.


 Although online exhibitions have increased lately, it is still largely uncharted territory, and the possibilities therein are seemingly endless. As artists based in a smaller community, what is the significance of the online platform for reaching a wider international audience? The project also challenges the traditional exhibition format and what this provides and limits for both artists and spectators. We explore the interactive, communicative aspects partly through collaboration and dynamics with each other, and in addition through the contact with the spectators. 


The project is supported by Svenska Kulturfonden, Styroxfabriken, Svensk-Österbottniska Samfundet and The City of Jakobstad.


Fifth Wall is the title of a group exhibition and result of a year long collaboration project between five artists currently based in Ostrobothnia, Finland:

Finn Appel, Moa Cederberg, Joakim Finholm, Anneli Holmstrom and Valter Kuni.

Central to the project and the discussions between the five artists has been a shared interest in developing methods and discussions around ‘the virtual exhibition’. As such, the exhibition is presented in two exhibition formats, one showcased online via this website and one that can be accessed physically on site. Entrance to the physical space is obtained through a booking system, free of charge.


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The Artists


(b. 1987)


Graduated with a BA Fine Arts Diploma from Novia University of
Applied Sciences in 2017. Currently based in Vaasa, Finland.

Working primarily with textile, Cederbergs work approaches the traditional weaving practice,
from a contemporary perspective, often weaving it together with more modern expressions such

as performance, video, audio and text. Her formal approach is one which embraces a love of
materials, where the weaving process is often used as the frame to explore dual identities,
inbetweenship, belonging and broader identity themes.


Cederberg has received awards such a Stina Krooks grant 2020 and participated in residencies in both Spain, Germany and in Finland. Recent shows include “By Nature” at Kuntsi Modern Museum and Vasa Art Hall. The results are work which explore the possibilities of contemporary tapestry.

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